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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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this is r t the headlines for you now france will ask the u.n. to open up syria's skies for western bombers another broadside on assad regime kiters number two endorses the rebellion. a sinister walk in the woods and infuriated general opposition journalists claims led to a showdown russia's top investigator over an article accusing him of my feelings. gyptian relief over the end of thirty year in the agency rule is short lived as authorities again allow the army to detain civilians at the presidential election runoff the country's women who fear the worst. with egypt at
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a crossroads for its future welty now talks to renowned middle east academic about how the arab spring saga will pan out. tariq ramadan you're a professor at contemporary. oxford university and also you are a professor at the faculty of the stomach studies in qatar and it's great to have you with us today sir so i know the situation in north africa and the middle east it's very complex and there are a lot of players involved in it. there's one trend that seems to be undisputed and it's rising and its rise of islamist movement throughout the region could anyone have really predicted that kind of an outcome and even the
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pro-democracy protesters or the rebels did they know that this would happen i think that we if we want to talk about the whole situation and the results that we see in the first once again i'm not using the arab spring as a concept or even revolutions as sting that we are still seeing unfinished processes in the country now the people who are in the streets in tunisia in egypt there were young people young and not so young people and the only objective was to get treated the dictator and the regime so they wanted freedom dignity and justice and less corruption they were not expecting anything and it was beyond any ideological trend what happened as a second step is the presence of people who were in the opposition and had historical credibility no one can deny the fact that in tunisia in egypt the.
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president they had a popularity and they were tortured so the first reaction was coming back to make reference and supporting to keep. who had this historical credulity does it mean that it's going to stay the same does it mean that we are going through steps is to be seen but what we have seen when what we are now witnessing in egypt is still very complex is not yet done i'm not sure even at the time i'm talking to you that the muslim brotherhood are going to win the election i might i'm always almost sure that it's going to be the opposite and we all this process is the coming back of the old regime was a very strong egypt but you know personally i know that you know if you used the term arab awakening and said arab spring could you have predicted this sort of an outcome yes anyone who is studying the region and look at what is happening
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knew. that in fact the islamists have a very important role in order countries it's true in morocco it's true in libya it's true in tunisia in egypt in syria even today and in other countries so if you have to deal with true transparent democracy processes you it's clear that they will have the rule now the rule being the leading force in the country this was not expected i would when i was asked about this before i was saying thirty percent representing thirty percent and in fact if you look at the parliamentary elections in tunisia they are thirty percent in egypt is exactly the same after the first round of the presidential election it doesn't mean that in the future in the coming future things are not going to be seen that were not expected either which is a kind of controlled democracies and army playing
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a very important role behind the scenes all strategy can economy interest controlling the country as we are seeing now we need and. seeing even in yemen because we don't speak very much about yemen and if you go to behind no one is talking about and it's present that as a fight between soon the why does more than this this is a shaken petrol monarchy no petrol in a key should be shaken for anyone because the the interest and the strategic interest. in the region so we better keep quiet with what is happening there talking about the strategic interests you know the question that everyone's asking over here is could. appeal. take place without western sponsors so my position on this is mixed by saying if this is why i'm using the concept of i think that's something very specific happened over the last two years first to
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speak about you know people starting to be in the streets and changing everything. influence and nothing done beforehand i think this is simplistic and then naive i have studied what happened then we have interacted bloggers and cyber dissidents we were trained we've been in the west to push towards this so there is a will coming from western countries to change dictatorships or to change at least what was happening within the regimes so that's clear to see that everything was under control everything is coming from the west i think is going too far we also have to take the political side of the story but the economy side of the story for the americans as well as for the european countries they needed a change in the regime in order to keep the markets why we have new actors in the
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market and many five actors that directly the monopoly of this relationship between the middle east and north african countries and the west china india. russia south africa and latin american countries. so it's complex and we need to get to less naive understanding i'm not saying that it's a big conspiracy i'm saying it's now the time we can see if the people in the streets are able to go towards true democracy processes by refusing to be under control and to have democracy under control this is one position and the second one for me which is very important now is there is something which has changed over the last two years is this intellectual review lucian in the arab or that yes it's possible we can remove a dictator i would like to speak a little bit in detail about egypt right now the constitution is still not drafted
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it's going to be drafted problem much later so the president is going to be elected and he's not he's going to know about his powers only after he's elected and the constitution will also of course depend. on who is elected the president can't even talk about democracy with this given fact no we can't and i think that you know i'm very tough was dissent and studying what is happening if inductively you call was the last election i'm sure to tell you the truth that the last election was we will be transparent and they have a problem with the way it was done just even before who can be in and who is out of the way these candidates was chosen by whom and then you come to the committee that has to work on the constitution and this was stopped so you elect someone as a president with executive power without having a clear framework religiously chief power and do we destroy the city structure
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that's very weird and i think that this is where we are now and we were told no just we are going to solve the problem with the presidential election that's not going to happen and look at what is happening. now so we have even people saying we have to stop the whole the process because even the fact that we have someone who is representing the all regime. how come. here they were saying that we need to put in the constitution that the people who are from the old regime cannot present themselves for the next ten years but you cannot come was just because it's not in the constitution and is going to be written after the election it's a mess there is no transparency and how can you speak about democracy procedures if there is no transparency in the way it's put so in egypt i'm very worried about what is going to happen talking about chafee a former egyptian prime minister under mubarak he still has a lot of support i mean a lot of people were shocked that he actually got to the runoff does that mean that
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there's a lot of people in egypt who are actually favorable supporting the old regime so if you think that the elections were completely transparent you have some questions because not only twenty percent but if you look at all the other. he also got almost twenty percent so that means that approximately forty five to fifty percent of the you are still supporting the old regime for all of this to come to this result is strange and then you see how the candidates were put you know omar suleiman being inside and then the ship they removed him and they kept someone who is ready and my sense of all this is that we are not dealing with a transparent process we are dealing with calculation and calculation means that i think that never from behind the scenes lost control of the situation so this is
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made sense and it might be that even the muslim brotherhood way used to be the visible legitimacy to something which is happening from behind the scenes so they were. the instruments of the coming back of the regime or the instruments of change do you think there's a chance that he could become president i mean shafiq yes i think that there is a great change that he can come and that the people are going and that was happening if you read the newspapers in egypt now what he said is you know the muslim brotherhood going to be trust they want to have been playing with the army so there is a campaign here so i think that it might be that he will get the majority and the muslim brotherhood will be in a situation that this report the process and the way involved in the process they will be unable to say it was not transparent because if the rise in the first front so my sense here is shafique might be the next president i don't know what is going
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to happen with the people but if there are demonstrations my sense would be dead the army is going to be very tough with the demonstrations if shafique is being elected now if the muslim brotherhood are coming which i think it's less likely fifty fifty or a no i don't think it's fifty fifty i really think it's a game where the army has already decided that it is the right one to do to promote if that's the case if he's elected president do you think you will pardon barack i think that this business about mubarak is strange because the people are not reading the rules what is known is you know all the others have been acquitted and then that nothing against them and he is the three and there is a rule in egypt beyond it for you can't be condemned so you are going to be left and now they are appealing against this. condemnation and he's eighty
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three it's very likely that it will take one year and he's going to be lost in the whole process so i think that this kind of condemnation is met. a symbol to show that we are doing something against mubarak but to the implementation keeping safe all the interest because when we speak about the egypt or not only speaking about power and military power we are speaking about huge economy interests because the very very involved in many contracts many economy interest. is in fact the very essence of corruption in egypt tariq ramadan thank you very much listen to you thanks. the. comfort is the least you have.
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. france will ask the u.n. to open up syria's skies for western bombers and another broadside on assad's regime. number two endorsers the rabbanit. a sinister walk in the woods with an infuriating general cone opposition journalists claims that led to a showdown russia's top investigator over an article accusing him of my feelings. gyptian relief at the end of an emergency room is short lived authorities again allow the army to detain civilians ahead of the presidential election runoff as the country's women fear the worst. come after sports update with a remark. thank
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you carrie hello and welcome to this is sports an artsy and i'm remonde calls for it and the following are just some of the stories that we'll be covering for you this hour. a foot in the door germany when the continental powerhouse battle against the netherlands while denmark came up short of another euro towards its faults and sation against portugal. plus russia are punished her fans are caught on camera attacking stewards at the euros. and the limbic calends out chinese and brazilian beach volleyball stars shine in moscow at one of the final qualification events for the loans and summer games. football first and germany have overpowered bitter rivals the netherlands two one two all but secure a berth in the quarterfinals of the european championships and york human lives men now need just one point in the last group match thanks to race by mariel gomez in
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the first half almost ensuring germany's passage into the quarterfinals robin month varies in second period goal was not enough to revive holland as good men in orange suffered their second defeat in a row bert van marwijk squad now have to crush or to go and hold the germany don't drop any points against denmark while the gritty scandinavian side came from two goals down against portugal but still lost three to create park ridge what that's good for us. portugal three ten monsoon palembang says to remain in the tournament after a thrilling loss goals win in a while in a fast off the way completely dominated by finding out the door to go up to twenty four minutes of time and seniors excellent corner headed home and advised by the defendant and told me it was to know the both sporting phenomena at the edge of the box his cross make no mistake finding help with a mistake again. to make it to no well the day is no dead and buried in the past all but full minutes before the interval nicklas bendtner pops up on his fifty of
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the band's midem are basing the offside trap to make it to you on one in the second all christiane ever now that could have put notes about magic signs to one on ones with a goalkeeper but the ramadan manuscript is lines missing bice and denmark took advantage ten minutes ago time back there again on target heading home again so you'd say and what about the points were about to be shed then substitute sylvester ala he made this goal line business again he fluffed his lines in the fashion and these ashot a second time he made no mistake three two supposed to go finished by portugal i'm time out and we can all three points now could be the so-called great big day. cade courtley there for us so this is how the table looks like after two sets of matches germany in total control of group b. while the netherlands hopes of reaching the quarterfinals are almost over. meanwhile you eva has fines of the russian football union the one hundred fifty thousand dollars after russia fans that sacked sewers during the country's opening
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match against the czech republic now the russian fans were films fighting with the stadium sat in the rocks love after their team's four one victory it happens after a series tried to detain a man they believe had thrown a firecracker you wait for says russia could also be docked six points in the it's euro two one to sixteen qualifying group for a repeat oftens meanwhile hundred fifty poland fans and around thirty russians have been arrested following violence before and after tuesday's one old role between the country's. well russia players are recuperating after that hard fought draw in warsaw but both defender gear is your calls and alexander cares a call for sitting out the squads training session earlier jerk off watched part of it from the sidelines with ice on his knee. while striker alexander cares to call friend individually although neither are thought to be suffering serious state and should be fit for the final group game with greece on saturday. now let's stay with
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football and roberto di matteo has signed it so year deal to become chelsea's full time manager after working wonders as their interim head coach the forty two year old steered the blues to their maiden champions league success last month he also that's at the f.a. cup before that they stepped up to fill the void left by the sacking of andre borsch in march and turned chelsea season around john terry and co have just three matches out of twenty one under do not sell so russian owner roman abramovich will be relying on the new manager to bring in more silverware in tennis and i'm ari has been dealt a heavy blow in his preparations for wimbledon as the world number four stumbled at the first hurdle at the aegon championships in london the britain had received a boy into the second round and was facing nicol on my use of france in his opener
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bugs and defending champion was far from his best on the grass court all the queen's club as he lost the first set six three however murray found at least some of his rhythm in the seconds so when it's on its side break but still went out after conceding the close default decider on another break as murray returns into the net to suffer a shock defeat however he seems to be unfazed. when there's no need for for me to panic because you know most of. the fresh fruits are in. terms of just the growth. also buying out early was american and to marry as the four time former champion lost to edwarda roger vessel and also in its sight three setter the lesser known frenchman with the stude twenty two aces by roddick so when it six four four six seven five. while france's man joe wilfred sun-god completed this for his country as the world number five was in
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cruise control against scald jamie baker six three six two the final score in that one after its own golf prevailed in this long line already. a fourteen year old boy is set to become one of the youngest ever players at golf's u.s. open amateur and g. zhang was handed a place at the second major of the year after an injury forced england's paul casey to drop out john was born in china but moved to america four years ago and is an incredible talent for his age nurtured at the david led better academy in florida he did well enough that are at a recent u.s. open qualifier to go on the stand by list for this week's major at six feet tall and one hundred seventy four pounds he doesn't look his age but is lapping up every minute of his experience and certainly learned a lot during a practice round with masters champion bubba watson. visiting the hardest course ever. they were really nice to me. like whenever i have questions to
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show me like. is there for me and then show me how to play if you show us the strategy and they're just really nice to me because. it was fun it was fun getting a medium in and watching a talent like that i mean is a big boy for fourteen and he can hit it pretty good so and finally beach volleyball in russia it's all landlocked capital moscow's host of the world sewer for the fifth consecutive year choose these events was a special one though offering at least one of the last opportunities to qualify for the london olympics robert are the new on the record. for. the most you brands them twenty twelfth so know like a vulnerable brightest stars both on and over the court the sculptures of two time world indoor champ found rushes you can see in the gun and one of the most degraded beach volleyball players in there to go bring fans outside. with the great
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brazilian olds who show no the skills inside have been built in most schools to victory in the men's final rigor and team mate ellison tru t.v. based over rivals ryan their number door and richard show the reigning world champions were considered favorites it is the top seeded dutch duel who they beat on four previous occasions we've gone through to go to a very confident start securing the first set with the related is twenty one to sixteen however the second so much tougher competition for said points for the dutchman and four match points for the brazilians before these gold an attempt by regal twenty nine twenty seven set match has been noticeable on the street it was a great tournament the best teams in the world and competing here during the week it was a good test for us ahead of the olympics and winning the moscow grand slam was very important as it gives us extra confidence that. meanwhile
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a day earlier in the women's final it was china's chance who and she jumped to claim their third title in the russian capital the chinese beat last year's jensen's the usa missed him a true honor and carry walsh taking both sets with the same score twenty one fourteen must you have to be a lucky location for the chinese couple although the way to their biggest goal in only big gold medal lifts to london four years ago in beijing they would only do it . they didn't like will is working hard to. just go out on the net yes and go far i think there will still be some olympic places a stake in must go for european teams from june to july the first the russian capital will host the continental cup final. the brits more than known are to moscow. i will be back with another update celeste and
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a couple of hours from now but our you tube channel is available to you at any time just look for our team sport news and i will see you very soon thanks. there hasn't been a thing yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something else.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation to rule the day.


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